Mind Academy was founded by B.VEERADASS in the year 2003 with the primary goal of providing excellent psychological services for the sole purpose of improving the society’s psychological well-being.

Our Specialization consist three domains viz. psychological oriented emotional disorders, adolescents behavior modification and development of interpersonal relationship between married couples.

Our Mind Academy is the first centre in our place to purely concentrate on psychological treatment towards emotional disorders behalf of psychological factors. We give treatment for the people affected by psychological problems not psychiatric patients because this is exclusive centre of psychological science. Our therapeutic procedure designed such a manner with the main objective of helps the society to get rid of psychological oriented emotional disorders.

Our foremost positive aspiration towards adolescents under various psychological aspects emphasis on emotional, cognitive, social, moral and behavioral development through counseling and guidance for adolescents along with their parents under the prime goal of developing self skill to deal with adolescents challenges and difficulties and to make behavioral solution in order to construct noble future.

We concentrate our society to develop marital skill among married couples to lead effective marital life and to solve their marital problems with the key aim of reducing marital conflicts and divorce in our society. Marital counseling helps the couples to step forward to resolve their dispute.

We deliver highest standard in the field of psychological counseling and cognitive therapy. Constantly we are upgrading our service pattern and enhancing our counseling and therapeutic techniques with persistent improvement in our psychological practices and ensuring patients satisfaction.