Psychological Counseling

Psychological Counseling is not a giving simple advice. It is a method of Psychological treatment. Psychological Counseling includes wide variety of psychological procedures with the help of standard psychological theories, principles and techniques to help individuals to meet psychological wellness and to improve their quality of life in order to lead peaceful life. Psychological counseling plays vital role in cognitive therapy.


Cognitive Therapy

Interconnectivity of thoughts, emotions & behavior forms functional or dysfunctional cognitive cycle. Here, dysfunctional cognitive cycle is a prominent reason for psychological disorders, thus the transition of this dysfunctional cycle to the functional cycle of cognitive process is necessary to get rid of psychological disorders. To the intention of this transition using appropriate psychological therapy materials to treat thought process is called Cognitive Therapy.

Subconscious Therapy

Knowingly or unknowingly learned memory conditioned as automatic readiness to sudden response for a particular stimulus is called subconscious. If this learned memory structured with rational or positive information then there is no problem, if this learned memory structured with irrational or negative information then it will induce some kind of psychological problems. So, treatment for this subconscious is crucial to solve this kind of psychological problems, thus executing special therapeutic system to treat this problematic learned memory is called subconscious therapy.


Psychological questionnaire consist more than 500 questions prepared for the purpose of collecting precise information about overall dimensions of inner self which helps to draw the mind structure of an individual is called psychological core study. Mind structure explains the values, beliefs, perception, character, attitude, experiences, awareness, interest, dreams, expectations, skills, ability, feelings, habits, etc.,of an individual. This core study is significant to find out the root causes and triggering elements of psychological problems.




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